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Welcome to the February 26, 2007 edition of ‘get to know your technology better’. (yes - it’s a day late) If you are a regular reader at Sickles Insight then you are already aware that I occassionaly kick out these articles to highlight some of the other bloggers in the community. I need not provide much more in way of introduction, browse through these bloggers and maybe you’ll find some topics or style of interest:

(articles appear in no particular order)

Phil B. presents Etiquette to Reading and Replying to Emails « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity.

SpiKe presents 5 Ways To Organize Your PC posted at Organize IT.

Michelle presents How to decrease your e-mail checking posted at Aridni, saying, “Thanks for hosting!”


Will Chen presents Zooomr (Flickr on Steroids) still offers free pro accounts posted at Wisebread, saying, “Hi there! Thanks for hosting.”

Bill Losapio presents Five Blessings of Getting Canned From Google Adsense posted at Bill Losapio.

Rakesh Kumar presents Most useful Windows XP DOS command posted at Digital Knowledge Center.

Craig Harper presents Creating a Crap Blog in Ten Easy Steps posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “* Note: This post is a bit of fun with a (not very) subtle message woven through it. It’s not intended to be a serious piece of journalism, it’s no personal development gem and it’s certainly no scientific review of the art of blogging. I absolutely acknowledge that I am a novice blogger… but even novices can make observations and have opinions. For my non-Australian friends it’s probably pertinent for me to share with you that many Aussies are given to frequent bouts of tongue-in-cheek communication. This article is what we would colloquially call, a piss take.”

Corey presents The Struggle to Make Money Blogging posted at myopiniononeverything.com.

Susan Borgas presents Full or should it be Short Feeds? posted at Arts & Stuff, saying, “What are your habits when reading RSS feeds in readers such as Google Reader or Bloglines? Do you dislike not being able to see the whole feed because the blog owner syndicates the first paragraph or 255 characters, whichever is shorter. If you tut tut or grumble about blogs that do this please consider not doing the same with your own blog.”


Skal Tura presents AdSense Problems! posted at Skal Tura’s (in)sane mumbo-jambo.

savingadvice presents 10 Ways Your Computer Can Help Science For Free posted at Personal Finance Advice, saying, “Use the free processing power of your computer to solve scientific problems”

Corey presents The Truth About Dell posted at myopiniononeverything.com.

Frank presents Backup Drives posted at InfoQuote.

Avant News presents Organic Windows Vista Virus Can Target Computers Even When Powered Down posted at Avant News, saying, “(a little Vista satire)”

Moses E. Miles III presents The Unseen Dangers of Wireless Networks posted at Three Sticks - www.mosesedwardmilesiii.com - Empowering, Teaching, Healing, saying, “Article that describes the dangers of wireless networks and provides tips to protect your home wireless network and yourself while you use public wireless networks.”

Geoff R presents Top 10 Most Productive Firefox Extensions posted at Gearfire.

Geoff R presents 14 Tips for Choosing Your New Computer posted at Gearfire.


Jigsaw hc presents How To Use A Remote 101 posted at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews.

General Tech

Sagar Satapathy presents VoIP Security Challenges: 25 Ways to Secure your VoIP Network posted at VoIP Lowdown.

Iron Cook presents Spicy Gadget Roll » Blog Archive » Review: Sony Reader posted at Spicy Gadget Roll, saying, “My personal review of the Sony Reader, which utilizes E-ink, a new and exciting technology that may very well well replace paper in the future.”

Iron Cook presents Spicy Gadget Roll » Blog Archive » Review: Sony Mylo posted at Spicy Gadget Roll.

Iron Cook presents Review: Sony Ericsson W950 posted at Spicy Gadget Roll, saying, “In depth review of Sony Ericsson W950, part smartphone part Walkman.”

Corey presents Apple iPhone posted at myopiniononeverything.com.

Murad Ali presents Google’s Online Book Library: Possibly Transforming Society posted at The New Business World.

Iron Cook presents Getting the Most Out of Your Lithium Battery posted at Spicy Gadget Roll.

Beno Varghese presents Free Technical Support posted at Beno Varghese dot-com.

Dean presents Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts For Tech Geeks posted at Mr. Cheap Stuff, saying, “Awesome blog btw. Keep up pumping out the good articles. I’m a fellow RSS subscriber.”

Keith presents Y2K7? posted at Tech Tips.

Techzoogle presents How do I revert back to IE 6 after installing IE 7? posted at Techzoogle, saying, “How do I revert back to IE 6 after installing IE 7?”

Wilson Ng presents What?s cool in Gmail posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife.

Home Entertainment

Jigsaw hc presents Where is the Quality HD-DVR and HD TV Content? posted at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews.


Kevin Heath presents Tips For Taking Family Photos posted at More4kids.


Lucas McDonnell presents How to select and learn any software program for free. posted at uncommon knowledge.

Avant News presents Windows Vista Startup Music Designed on Macs posted at Avant News, saying, “A little Vista satire…”

OpenAsthra presents FileSplitt: A File Splitter posted at OpenAsthra, saying, “This software is an opensource file splitter, works on windows and linux”

Web Browsing

presents The Battle With PayPal posted at myopiniononeverything.com.

Corey presents Web 2.0 posted at myopiniononeverything.com.

Corey presents AOL posted at myopiniononeverything.com.

Sam presents Powerful Stuff. RSS XML Feeds and Newsreader work for you. posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “You’ve seen, on lots of web pages, those little orange chicklet buttons that say “RSS XML” and “Subscribe Here.” They are links to important web pages called RSS feeds. They will help you get more out of the Internet. RSS feeds keep you informed of what’s new on your favorite sites. The RSS XML feed is powerful stuff. It will build traffic to your blog or website.”

Clint James presents A list of Digg ripoffs - The Good and the Bad posted at Static Cure, saying, “A pretty good list of the best and worst digg.com ripoffs.”

Barry Mahfood presents RSS Feeds: What they Are and How they Work posted at Barry’s Best.

That concludes this edition, thanks for browsing! You can also submit your blog article to the next edition of get to know your technology better. Thanks for taking the time to review the work of other bloggers, and thank you bloggers for your hard work in providing content!

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